Art Lester


Writer, Speaker, Counsellor



An American by birth, Art Lester has lived and worked in many different countries, including Botswana, The Dominican Republic, Kenya, Ireland and Spain. He has been a restaurateur, a clown, a fire tower guard, a counsellor, village level teacher of agriculture, a bartender and a group facilitator. Along the way he has written and published widely.


His new book, co-authored by the cartoonist Steven Appleby, is entitled The Coffee Table Book of DOOM. It will be in bookshops in September, 2011, under the Square Peg imprint of Random House.


An earlier book, Seeing with Your Ears: Spirituality for Those Who Can’t Believe, won first prize in the 13th Annual Writers Digest Self-Published Book Competition. This work, never submitted to mainstream publishers, has become a long-time favourite amongst “non-churched” readers.


Art Lester lives in London, where he is minister of Croydon Unitarian Church, a liberal congregation composed of people of widely varying beliefs and none at all. His speaking engagements are widely sought after.  Currently in train are appearances in Paris, Dublin and Basel.


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